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5 Animals That Can Beat a Hippo

Two hippos fighting.

Have you ever wondered which animals could defeat a hippopotamus in a fight? Hippos are known to be one of the most dangerous and aggressive animals in Africa, but a few animals could potentially take them down.

In this article, we’ll explore some animals with the strength, speed, and agility to beat a hippo.


An elephant is one of the few animals that can beat a hippo in a fight. These massive creatures are known for their size, strength, and intelligence. They can weigh up to 22,000 pounds and stand up to 13 feet tall.

The elephant has a clear advantage when it comes to a fight between an elephant and a hippo. Elephants are much larger and more powerful than hippos, and they have a more versatile set of weapons. They can use their trunks to deliver powerful blows, their tusks to impale their opponents, and their massive bodies to crush them.


The rhino is a good contender if you’re looking for an animal that can give a hippo a run for its money. Rhinos are known for their massive size and strength.

Rhinos have a tough hide and a large horn on their nose that they can use as a weapon. Rhinos are slower runners than hippos, with a speed of around 35 miles per hour. However, they are still agile and can manoeuvre easily in their habitat.


Lions are known for their strength, agility, and hunting prowess, and they have been known to take down prey much larger than themselves.

When it comes to taking down a hippo, lions usually work in groups, to take down an adult hippo. However, a single lion can take down a baby hippo if it is on land with no mother. Lions are also known to prey on sick or injured adult hippos.

Lions are incredibly strong and agile, and they have powerful jaws that can crush bone. They also have sharp claws that can tear through flesh. When a lion attacks a hippo, it will usually try to go for the throat or the belly, where the skin is thinner.


Hyenas are known for their powerful jaws, which can easily crush bones. They also have a unique bone structure that allows them to open their jaws wider than any other mammal. This gives them a powerful bite that can cause serious damage to their prey.

When taking on a hippo, hyenas have a few advantages. For one, they are swift and agile. They can easily dodge a hippo’s slow, lumbering movements and get in close for the kill.

In addition, hyenas are incredibly intelligent and work together in packs to take down their prey. They will often distract a hippo by attacking from multiple angles, then go in for the kill when the hippo is off-balance.

Of course, taking on a hippo is not without its risks. Hippos are incredibly strong and can easily crush a hyena with a single bite. However, if a pack of hyenas works together and is able to avoid the hippo’s powerful jaws, they have a good chance of taking it down.

Nile Crocodiles

These reptiles are expert ambush predators and have the strength and ferocity to take down even the largest of prey.

Nile crocodiles are found throughout sub-Saharan Africa, known for their powerful jaws and sharp teeth. These crocodiles can grow up to 20 feet long and weigh over 1,000 pounds, making them one of the largest reptiles in the world.

When it comes to taking down a hippo, Nile crocodiles have a few tricks up their sleeve. They often lie in wait near the water’s edge, waiting for a hippo to come down to drink. When the hippo is within striking distance, the crocodile will launch itself out of the water and latch onto the hippo’s leg.

Once the crocodile has a grip on the hippo, it will use its powerful jaws to drag the animal into the water. From there, the crocodile will use its strength and weight to hold the hippo underwater until it drowns.