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10 Animals That Eat Apples

Have you ever wondered which animals like to munch on apples just like we do? As you probably know, apples grow on trees and they’re super yummy and crunchy. Lots of different critters think so too. Keep reading to learn about 10 cool animals that love eating apples.


Animals that eat apples raccoons.

Raccoons are those cute bandit-masked mammals that often come out at night. They live all over North America and sometimes raid rubbish bins looking for food. Apples are one of raccoons’ favourite treats. They use their little human-like hands to pick apples right off trees. Clever raccoons!

Raccoons have great night vision to spot apples on branches. They climb up using their sharp claws and grab apples with their nimble fingers. Crunch crunch! Raccoons have pointy teeth that are good for biting into juicy apples. They’ll happily gobble up apples that have fallen to the ground too.

Wild Boars

Wild boars are bulky, hairy pigs that live in forests and woodlands. They have big snouts that help them sniff out delicious apples to eat. When wild boars find an apple tree, you’ll see the whole family chowing down. They use their strong snouts to push apples off branches so they can eat them off the ground.

Crunchy apples are a tasty treat that give wild boars energy. These pigs need lots of energy because the males especially have to walk many miles every day searching for food. Wild boar pigs have sharp tusks that can pierce apples easily so they can munch out the insides.


Goats are fun farmyard animals that will climb trees to reach yummy apple snacks. Goats are great climbers thanks to their sturdy hooves and athletic abilities. If a goat spies apples growing on a tree, they’ll happily climb up the trunk and start munching.

Goats have nimble lips that can grab and pull apples right off branches. No apple is safe when a goat is around! Goats especially love crisp, sweet apples as a change from eating grass or hay all day. Crunch crunch!


Clever rats with their long tails and whiskers are another animal known for nibbling on apples. Rats often live around farms or orchards where apples grow. Using their excellent sense of smell, rats can sniff out fallen apples to feast on.

Rats have sharp front teeth that are perfect for biting into apples. They’ll nibble off chunks of apple flesh all the way to the core. At night, rats feel safe coming out to find apples to munch on. Thanks to their great night vision, they can spot apples easily.


Graceful deer wandering through the forest often stop to munch on apples. Deer use their sensitive noses to pick up the sweet scent of apples from far away. When they find an apple tree, they happily chow down on the tasty fruit.

Deer have nimble lips that allow them to grab and twist apples off branches. They’ll reach up and pull apples free using their mouths. Then they’ll crunchy bite by bite using their molars. Deer also nibble up any apples that have fallen to the forest floor.


Fluffy rabbits are tiny critters that also enjoy snacking on apples. Rabbits often live in orchards, gardens or farms where apples are growing. Using their powerful sense of smell, bunnies can detect the scent of apples from far away.

Rabbits will hop over to apple trees and reach up on their hind legs to grab low-hanging apples. Thanks to their strong front teeth, they can easily bite chunks out of apples. Rabbits will happily munch apples that have fallen to the ground too.


Playful monkeys living in tropical areas love to pick and eat apples. Monkeys are excellent climbers and can quickly scurry up apple trees in search of fresh fruit. From high up in the branches, they’ll grab apples and bite into them with their teeth.

Monkeys also have quick hands that can pluck apples off branches. They’ll sit and eat in the treetops while enjoying the sweet taste. Monkeys may drop apple cores or partially eaten apples once they’re finished with their snack.


Fuzzy squirrels munching on apples are a common sight. Squirrels just love collecting and eating nuts and fruit like apples. Thanks to their sharp claws, squirrels are amazing climbers that can scamper up apple trees easily.

Once up in the branches, squirrels will sniff out the best apples to eat. They’ll rotate apples in their little paws and bite into them with their rodent teeth. Squirrels will either eat apples up in the tree or carry them in their mouths back to their nests.


Tiny mice are another apple-loving rodent. Mice can climb up apple trees even though they are small. They use their keen sense of smell to find ripe, sweet apples to munch on. Mice will scamper out on little branches and nibble apples still attached to the tree.

With their prompt front teeth, mice can easily bite off little pieces of apple at a time. They’ll either eat right there on a branch or carry an apple back to their nest for later. Mice love the crisp texture and sweet flavour of apples.


Lumbering bears have a major sweet tooth for apples! In forests and mountains where apple trees grow, bears can often be found under them looking for a snack. Using their keen sense of smell, bears can detect the fruity aroma of apples from far away.

Bears will stand up on their hind legs beneath apple trees to reach up and grab apples. They use their sturdy claws to hold onto branches while they pluck off apples. Then bears will happily chow down, sometimes eating dozens of apples in one feeding!