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Are Giraffes Related to Horses?

Are giraffes related to horses?

Have you ever looked at a giraffe and thought it looks like a really tall horse? With their long legs, hooves, and flowing tails, giraffes and horses share some similarities. But are they related? Let’s look at the connection between these two unique animals.

Are Giraffes Related to Horses?

While they may look alike in some ways, giraffes and horses are not closely related. Here are the main reasons why:

  • They belong to different biological families. Horses are part of the Equidae family, which includes horses, donkeys, and zebras. Giraffes belong to the Giraffidae family, which only contains giraffes and their closest extinct relatives, like the Okapi.
  • They have different numbers of chromosomes. The standard chromosome count for horses is 64. Giraffes have 30 chromosomes. This significant genetic difference means they cannot produce offspring together. 
  • Their lineage diverged a very long time ago. Based on fossil evidence, the earliest proto-horses lived about 50 million years ago. The first proto-giraffe fossils are dated around 16 million years ago. So their evolutionary paths split tens of millions of years ago.

While giraffes and horses are in different biological families today, scientists have found that they share a distant relative. Around 55 million years ago, an early hoofed mammal called Indohyus was believed to be ancestral to both the giraffe and horse lineages.

So in evolutionary terms, horses and giraffes are very distant cousins! But they diverged onto the mammal family tree’s separate branches long ago.

Giraffe and Horse Similarities

Even though they are not closely related, giraffes and horses share some noticeable physical and behavioural traits. Here are some of the ways they are similar:

  • Long legs and necks – Giraffes have exceptionally long necks, while horses tend to have longer legs compared to other hoofed mammals. This gives both animals a distinctive tall, lean profile.
  • Hooved feet – Both giraffes and horses walk on hooves. Most other hooved animals, like deer, have two toes per hoof, while horses and giraffes only have one toe per hoof. 
  • Long tails with long hair – Both animals have long, full tails with long tail hairs along the top and near the end. These may help swat insects.
  • Fast running speeds – Given their build, giraffes and horses are both capable of galloping at fast speeds when they need to. 
  • Herbivore diets – Giraffes and horses are both herbivores, meaning they only eat plants. As such, they graze on leaves, shrubs, grasses, and other greenery.
  • Sociable nature – In the wild, giraffes and horses tend to live in herds. This social structure provides safety in numbers.

So when you look at their overall body plan and lifestyle, giraffes and horses share some physical and behavioural adaptations, even though they are unrelated.

Giraffe and Horse Differences

Just because giraffes tower over horses doesn’t mean they have everything in common. Here are some of the major differences between these two distinct species:

  • Habitat – Horses originated in North America and adapted to live in grasslands and open plains. Giraffes evolved in Africa, where they live in savannas and woodlands.
  • Size – At around 6 feet tall, horses are small compared to giraffes, which stand up to 19 feet tall. 
  • Neck anatomy – A giraffe’s neck has only seven vertebrae, the same number as humans. But the vertebrae are very elongated. Horses have 18 smaller neck vertebrae.  
  • Diet – While both herbivores, giraffes can reach high tree leaves that horses can’t access. Horses graze more on grasses near the ground.
  • Hooves – A giraffe’s hooves are about the size of an average dinner plate! Horse hooves are much smaller, shaped more like a cone.
  • Gestation period – Female giraffes are pregnant for 15 months before giving birth. Horse pregnancies last about 11 months.
  • Lifespan – Giraffes live around 25 years in the wild. Horses can live for 30 years or more.

So while giraffes and horses share some superficial traits, a closer look reveals big differences in their anatomy, habitat, diet, reproduction, and lifespan. These are two majestic mammals that stand in their class!

The next time you see a tall giraffe trekking across the African plains, remember they aren’t just tall horses. Giraffes are amazing creatures perfectly adapted to their specialized niche in nature. With a bit of imagination, though, I understand why some might see a family resemblance!

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