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Are There Pink Butterflies?

Pink butterfly species do they exist.

Butterflies come in a range of colours, from fiery reds to sunny yellows, but are you curious about pink butterflies?

You may have seen pictures online but do pink butterflies exist?

Is There a Real Pink Butterfly?

Some butterflies may appear pink, but the truth is there are no pink butterfly species.

No butterflies are naturally pink, but some species have wings that appear pink due to the reflection and refraction of light through their scales.

For example, the common rose butterfly’s head, thorax and abdomen have a distinct reddish-pink colour and pinkish-looking spots on its wings.

The common rose butterfly is the closest butterfly that gets to being pink.
The common rose butterfly lives across the whole of Asia. teptong/

Some butterflies with white or yellow wings may also have pinkish hues depending on the lighting conditions.

So while there are no genuinely pink butterflies, some certainly come close.

Common Butterfly Colours

Butterflies come in various colours, which can be attributed to either pigments or structural colours. Pigment colours are created by pigments that absorb specific wavelengths of light and reflect others.

Structural colours are created by the way light reflects off of the surface of the butterfly’s wings. The most common butterfly colours and combinations are:

White Butterflies

cabbage white
Cabbage White SNR/

White butterflies are often associated with purity and innocence. Some examples of white butterflies include the Cabbage White, the Checkered White, and the Great Southern White.

Yellow Butterflies

cloudless sulphur
Cloudless Sulphur jordachelr/

Yellow butterflies are often associated with happiness and positivity. Some examples of yellow butterflies include the Cloudless Sulphur, the Little Sulphur, and the Sleepy Orange.

Orange Butterflies

Monarch charlottebleijenberg/

Orange butterflies are often associated with warmth and energy. Some examples of orange butterflies include the Monarch, the Gulf Fritillary, and the Comma.

Red Butterflies

red lacewing
Red Lacewing romantiche/

Red butterflies are often associated with passion and love. Some examples of red butterflies include the Scarlet Peacock, the Red Lacewing, and the Red Admiral.

Blue Butterflies

common blue
Common Blue kjorgen/

Blue butterflies are often associated with calmness and serenity. Some examples of blue butterflies include the Common Blue, the Karner Blue, and the Silvery Blue.

Green Butterflies

emerald swallowtail
Emerald Swallowtail Godi/

Green butterflies are often associated with nature and growth. Some examples of green butterflies include the Green Hairstreak, the Emerald Swallowtail, and the Common Brimstone.

Purple Butterflies

purple emperor
Purple Emperor Bernard DUPONT from FRANCE, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Purple butterflies are often associated with luxury and royalty. Some examples of purple butterflies include the Purple Emperor, the Agathina Emperor, and the Dingy Purplewing.

Black Butterflies

spicebush swallowtail
Spicebush Swallowtail steffstarr/

Black butterflies are often associated with mystery and elegance. Some examples of black butterflies include the Spicebush Swallowtail, the Pipevine Swallowtail, and the Black Swallowtail.