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Black Bear vs Gorilla Who Would Win in a Fight?

Have you ever wondered who would win a fight between a black bear and a gorilla? Both are incredibly powerful animals with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. Let’s break down their stats to see who would come out on top if these two beasts went head-to-head.

Black Bear vs Gorilla: Size

Black bear vs gorilla who would win in a fight?
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When it comes to size, the black bear has the advantage. An adult male black bear can weigh 300-500 lbs, while a silverback gorilla generally caps out at 400 lbs.

The bear can also reach 6 feet when standing on its hind legs. Their sheer mass and sharp claws and teeth make them a formidable opponent.

Gorillas have the arm strength and muscle to compensate somewhat for their lower weight. But the bear has the overall power advantage in brute force due to its larger frame.

Black Bear vs Gorilla: Speed And Agility

Despite its bulk, the black bear is surprisingly quick on its feet. It can run up to 35 mph for short bursts, vital for catching prey or escaping threats.

Gorillas, on the other hand, tend to move slower at around 15-25 mph. Their heaviness makes it challenging to build momentum and acceleration.

Bears are also agile climbers who scale trees rapidly using their sturdy claws. Gorillas lack that climbing ability and would be vulnerable to attack from above.

The bear’s combination of speed and agility provides an edge over the gorilla in mobility and evasiveness. The gorilla’s slower pace makes it an easier target.

Black Bear vs Gorilla: Attack Power

Both animals pack a major punch when it comes to pure striking force.

Gorillas have enormous upper body strength, capable of lifting over ten times their weight. Their powerful arms and fists can deliver bone-crushing blows.

But black bears have deadly swipes with their paws that can be equally devastating. Armed with sharp 2-3 inch claws, they can severely maim with one swipe.

Their jaw strength is also tremendous, able to bite down with over 800 psi. That’s enough force to chomp through thick bone.

Both beasts have enough power to inflict fatal damage on each other. It’s difficult to declare a definitive winner in attack potency alone.

Black Bear vs Gorilla: Defence

A key advantage bears have in combat is their durability. They have a thick coat of fur and fat that acts as natural armour against attacks.

Gorillas lack that damage resistance in comparison. Their exposed skin leaves them more vulnerable to the bear’s penetrating bites and scratches.

Bears also have a protective muscle hump above their shoulders, shielding their spine and neck from assault. This gives them an extra layer of defence.

A gorilla’s primary protection comes from its strength and mobility. But without natural armour, it’s more susceptible to injury if the bear can land an accurate strike.

Black Bear vs Gorilla Who Would Win in a Fight?

When all these factors are weighed up, the black bear has the edge in a majority of categories. Its larger size, speed, lethal swipes and durable coat make it a formidable foe even for a mighty silverback gorilla.

The gorilla simply lacks the natural weapons and defences to compensate for its speed, agility and protection disadvantages. Its mighty arms wouldn’t help much against an enraged bear.

Of course, a gorilla still has enough power to take down a bear with a well-placed hit potentially. But on balance, the bear’s attributes give it an overall higher chance of victory in most scenarios.

My money would be on the black bear coming out on top more times than not. Its strength, speed and ferocity are tough for any animal to match. One swipe of its claws can inflict horrific damage.

In a hypothetical battle between a bear and a gorilla, the bear has the advantage to wear down and overwhelm the primate potentially. The gorilla puts up a good fight, but the bear’s capabilities prove too much to overcome. While either animal could win in certain circumstances, the bear would likely have the edge more often in a direct confrontation.