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Boar vs Wolf Who Would Win In A Fight?

boar vs wolf who would win in a fight

Wolves are apex predators capable of taking down prey much larger than themselves. They consider any animal in their territory to be a potential meal. So if a wild boar were to find itself in their environment, would it survive, or would it become an easy meal? Boars may look like overgrown pigs, but they can be fierce foes in a fight. Boar vs wolf, who would win in a fight?

Boar vs Wolf Animal Fact Sheet

Sizeweight 110 – 250 kg
height 80 -120 cm
length 1.5 – 2 m body
weight 40 – 72 kg
height 80 – 91 cm
length 1 – 1.6 m body
tail length 29 – 50 cm
Speed25 mph31 – 37 mph
Attackbite force 400
tusks 7.6 – 18.8 cm
bite force 400
canines 6.3 cm
thick hide
lives in a pack for protection
strong sense of smellgreat hearing
strong sense of smell
HabitatEurasia &
North America
forests and
Eurasia &
North America
forests, deserts,
grasslands & tundra
Lifespan15 – 20 years14 years
Siberian tiger

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Boar vs Wolf Size

There are 16 sub-species of wild boar, with the Ussuri boar considered the biggest. They live in Russia and Eastern China.

An adult male can weigh 110 – 250 kg (242 – 550 lb) and have a body length of 1.5 – 2 m (5 – 6.5 ft). At the shoulder, they stand 80 – 120 cm (31 – 47 in) high.

The heaviest boar on record weighed 332 kg (733 lb) and was shot and killed in California. Over 90 kg (200 lb) of the boar was turned into meat patties.

The largest wolf species is the Canadian timber wolf, also called the Alaskan timber wolf.

A male adult can weigh 40 – 72 kg (88 – 160 lb) and have a shoulder height of 80 – 91 cm (31 – 36 in). They have a body length of 1 – 1.6 m (3 – 5 ft) and a tail length of 29 – 50 cm (11.5 – 19.6 in).

The boar has the size advantage.

Boar vs Wolf Speed and Agility

The boar can run at 25 mph (40 kph), which is fast for such a bulky animal. The wolf can sprint faster at 31 – 37 mph (50 – 60 kph).

The wolf has the faster reflexes of the two animals because of its lower body mass. The wolf’s speed and agility can help it dodge the boar’s attacks.

The wolf has the speed and agility advantage.

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Boar vs Wolf Attack Power

A wolf has a bite force of 400 psi and is capable of crushing bones. There are no records of a wild boar’s bite force. A domestic pig’s biting pressure is 200 – 300 psi. As the wild boar is much larger, they could have a bite force of 400 psi and rival the wolf.

The boar has enlarged canines, generally referred to as tusks. The tusks continually grow throughout their life and curve upwards. Only in males do they increase too long lengths. They can be 7.6 – 18.8 cm (3 – 7 in) long. They overlap, and the constant rubbing keeps them razor-sharp.

The boar uses its powerful neck and shoulder muscles to dig and move small rocks. In a fight, it would use its strength to overpower its opponent by slamming into them or knocking them over.

The wolf’s canines are smaller in comparison, only measuring 6 cm (2.5 in). Only the wolf has claws. They are 2 – 3 cm (0.8 – 1.2 in) long and are only used to pin prey down.

The boar has an attack advantage.

Boar vs Wolf Defence

A wolf’s primary defence is living in a pack. A pack typically contains 2 – 15 wolves. The only time they live alone is when they leave one group to join another or to start a pack of their own.

One lone wolf is vulnerable to predators like bears, but a wolf pack working as one usually is strong enough to see off any predator.

Male boars have thicker skin than the females around the neck, shoulders and back. This protects them during the mating season when fighting over females and from attacking predators.

Boar has the defence advantage.

Boar vs Wolf Animal Senses

The wild boar has poor eyesight and relies on its strong sense of smell. They can smell odours from 5 miles away and detect food deep underground.

The wolf also has a great sense of smell, able to smell a hundred times better than a human. Their hearing is also great able to hear a wolf’s howl from 10 miles away. Their hearing is more significant than a human’s able to hear at a higher frequency of 80 khz compared to our 20 khz.

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Boar vs Wolf What Are The Differences?

The most significant difference is the boar’s size compared to the wolf, with the boar being three and a half times heavier. The wolf is light on its feet and built for speed and agility.

The wild male boar prefers a solitary lifestyle, while wolves live in family packs.

The boar belongs to the Suidae animal family, meaning swine, while the wolf belongs to the Canidae animal family, meaning canine. The boar is an omnivore and is open to eating anything it finds, whereas the wolf is a meat-eating carnivore.

Boar vs Wolf Who Would Win In A Fight?

The boar would win in a boar vs wolf fight one on one. The boar has superior size, strength, attack and defence.

A boar is at least triple the size of a wolf, and with its strong neck and shoulder muscles, it can slam itself into the wolf to damage and knock it off balance. The boar’s tusks can seriously injure the wolf if it is not faster enough to escape the boar’s bite.

A lone wolf would have a hard time trying to land a bite on the boar. Even if it did manage to bite the boar, it would have trouble puncturing the boar’s thick hide. The wolf would likely have to give up in a fight or risk serious injury.

Only a pack of several wolves could take down a boar. The wolves would split into two teams, one team distracting the boar from the front while the other team concentrated on biting the boar from behind. The boar will eventually collapse from exhaustion then the wolves can move in for the kill.

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