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Crocodile vs Gorilla Who Will Win in a Fight?

crocodile vs gorilla who would win in a fight

Crocodile vs gorilla, who would win in a fight? There’s no doubt that both animals are formidable in their own right. On the one hand, you have the massive strength and intelligence of the gorilla, and on the other, the sheer power and ferocity of the crocodile.

It’s a battle that would be a sight to behold and one that has captivated the imagination of people for years. So, who would come out on top?

Crocodile vs Gorilla: Size


Adult male gorillas can grow up to 5.25 feet in height, while females are usually smaller at around 4.5 feet. In terms of weight, a silverback gorilla can weigh over 350 pounds.

On the other hand, crocodiles are much larger. Crocodiles can grow up to 23 feet long and weigh over 2,000 pounds. Their bite force is immense, and they have the instinct to kill.

Crocodile vs Gorilla: Speed

silver back gorilla

When it comes to speed, both the crocodile and gorilla have their strengths and weaknesses.

On land, crocodiles are surprisingly fast, capable of reaching speeds of up to 22 mph in short bursts. This is due to their powerful legs, which allow them to move quickly and efficiently. Gorillas, on the other hand, can outrun them with a top speed of around 25 mph.

When it comes to swimming, crocodiles have the upper hand. They are excellent swimmers, able to move through the water at up to 15 mph speeds. Gorillas are not natural swimmers and are not comfortable in the water. While they can cross shallow rivers and streams, they cannot keep up with a crocodile in deep water.

Crocodile vs Gorilla: Attack Power


Crocodiles are known for their mighty bite force, which can exert a pressure of up to 3,700 psi. This makes them one of the strongest bitters in the animal kingdom. Their jaws are also equipped with sharp teeth that can easily tear through flesh and bone. In addition, crocodiles are fast on land and in water, making them formidable predators.

Gorillas may not have the same level of bite force as crocodiles, but they are still incredibly strong. Adult male gorillas can weigh up to 350 pounds and have been known to lift weights of up to 1,000 pounds. Their muscular arms and legs are capable of delivering powerful blows that can cause severe damage.

While crocodiles have a stronger bite force, gorillas have impressive strength and the ability to deliver powerful blows. It would be interesting to see how these two animals would fare in a fight.

Crocodile vs Gorilla: Who Would Win in a Fight


A crocodile would be victorious against a gorilla in a fight.

Firstly, crocodiles have a significant advantage in bite power and teeth. They can deliver a crushing bite that could easily break bones and cause severe damage to a gorilla.

Secondly, crocodiles are ambush hunters and are most agile in water. They live in murky water, which allows them to stay completely undetected by animals that come to drink or cross. If a gorilla were to enter the water, it would be severely disadvantaged against a crocodile.

Gorillas are not violent animals and will only start a fight when threatened. They are not natural predators and lack the hunting instincts of other animals.

Therefore, in a fight between a crocodile and a gorilla, the crocodile would most likely emerge as the winner.

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