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Cute Rodents: 10 Adorable Little Critters

Rodents often get a bad rap as pesky pests, but many species are actually quite cute and cuddly! In this post, we’ll explore 10 absolutely adorable rodents from around the world. Get ready for some serious awww-worthy moments!

Japanese dwarf flying squirrel

Cute rodents Japanese dwarf flying squirrel.

Just look at this little face! With huge black eyes and soft fur, the Japanese dwarf flying squirrel is undeniably cute. One of the smallest flying squirrels in the world, it grows to around 11 inches long and weighs only 2-4 oz. You’ll find these tiny squirrels gliding between trees in the dense forests of Japan, using the furry membrane between their limbs to sail through the air. Watching them float gracefully from branch to branch is an amazing sight.

When resting, these sociable critters huddle together in their nests to stay warm. They even sleep hugging each other, which is too cute for words. With their big eyes gazing up at you, it’s hard not to just want to cuddle these critters all day long!


Nuzzled up in a little ball, dormice are some of the cutest sleepers around. These rodents are famous for their ability to hibernate for months, curled up into a fluffy ball of fur. There are nearly 30 species of dormice found throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. The edible dormouse and the hazel dormouse are two of the most common species.

When they aren’t snoozing away cold winters, dormice are very active and social. They love to climb trees and bushes, scurrying about at night to search for food. Those big black eyes and round ears give them an irresistibly cuddly appearance. It’s no wonder dormice have inspired storybook characters like the Dormouse from Alice in Wonderland!


From their tiny noses to their chubby cheeks, hamsters are cute from head to toe. These popular pocket pets come in a variety of breeds, including the adorable Teddy Bear hamster. Covered in incredibly soft, plush fur, the Teddy Bear hamster truly lives up to its name. Other cute breeds include the roborovski hamster, the smallest hamster breed measuring just 2-3 inches long. With wee little claws and button noses, roborovskis look like miniature stuffed animals.

All hamsters share an endearing habit of stuffing their cheeks full of food. It’s hilarious to watch their pouches bulge out like a chipmunk’s when they grab a snack. Beyond their cute looks, hamsters also have playful personalities. They’ll run endlessly on their wheel or tunnel through burrows in their bedding. Who could resist these tiny furballs?

Red squirrel

With its rusty red coat and long, bushy tail, the red squirrel is arguably one of the cutest squirrels around. These woodland creatures are common throughout Eurasia and have been introduced in parts of North America as well. Red squirrels grow bigger than other tree squirrels, reaching lengths of 11-20 inches. Their long ear tufts and white underside make them easy to identify.

Watch a red squirrel scamper headfirst down a tree trunk and you can’t help but smile at its acrobatic antics. These clever rodents also make twiggy nests called dreys that are amazingly intricate. Curling up in their cozy home, red squirrels are irresistibly cute balls of fur. Their large, expressive eyes add to their lovable appearance.


One glimpse of a chinchilla’s soft fur and you’ll be head over heels for these cuddly creatures. Native to South America, chinchillas are kept as pets for their friendly personalities and downy soft fur. They have the densest fur of any rodent, with up to 60 hairs growing from each follicle.

From their rounded heads to their fluffy tails, everything about chinchillas is impossibly cute. They have little hands perfect for grasping treats and large, velvety ears. A chinchilla’s silvery-blue coat adds to its cuddly appeal. Watching these critters hop about and showing off their acrobatic skills will bring a smile to your face. Just beware, their dust baths can turn chinchillas into fuzzy puffballs!


Best known for their dramatic mass migrations, lemmings are actually quite cute little rodents. These small hamster-like creatures live in the snowy Arctic tundra. Lemmings grow to around 6 inches long and have soft, brown fur and short tails. Their most distinctive feature is a black mask-like pattern around their eyes.

Despite myths about them jumping off cliffs, lemmings are adorable little homebodies. They cuddle up in grass nests under the snow, lining them with mosses and fur for warmth. Watching a pair of lemmings snuggled up nose-to-nose is a heartwarming sight. Their fluffy round shapes and beady black eyes give them a cute stuffed animal quality as they tunnel through the snow.


Shrews may be tiny, but they make up for it with their fiercely adorable appearance. There are over 350 shrew species, and they are one of the smallest mammals in the world. Pygmy shrews measure just two inches long, about the size of a large bumblebee!

These tiny shrews have to eat constantly to fuel their super-fast metabolisms. Watching them scurry about, nibbling at seeds and insects is endlessly entertaining. Their long, sensitive snouts adding to their mouse-like cuteness. Shrews also make nests lined with dried grass and leaves that are perfectly cozy for their petite sizes. Don’t let their small stature fool you though, shrews have surprisingly fierce attitudes!


With their iconic flat tails and buck teeth, beavers have an undeniable cute appearance. North America’s largest rodent, beavers can reach 3 feet long and weigh up to 60 lbs. Their thick, glossy fur ranges from brown to reddish-black. Beavers are best known for building complex dams and lodges.

Watching beaver kits swim and play together in the water is absolutely heartwarming. They huddle together grooming their fur in impossibly cute family units. Beavers also show their playful side by happily slapping their tails in the water. With their smiling faces and funny waddling walk, beavers charm everyone they meet. Just try not to grin when you spot one of these happy critters!


Those adorable chubby cheeks are a dead giveaway that chipmunks are unbearably cute. These tiny striped rodents are closely related to squirrels and live throughout North America. With bold black and white stripes down their backs, chipmunks look like they are wearing little racing uniforms. They grow up to 11 inches long and use their bushy tails for balance.

Watching chipmunks zip around gathering nuts and seeds will instantly bring a smile to your face. Their cute rounded shapes and perky ears make them look like pint-sized cartoon characters. Chipmunks also have expressive eyes that reveal their curious personalities. Point those chubby striped cheeks in your direction, and try not to melt!


The world’s largest rodent, the capybara, is also one of the cutest. Native to South America, these hefty critters can reach 4 feet long and weigh up to 150 lbs! But despite their massive size, capybaras are gentle, friendly giants. Their blunt heads and snouts give them a lovable, innocent appearance.

Capybaras live in social groups and love to snuggle up together in big fuzzy piles. Watching a dozen of these roly-poly rodents snoozing in the sun is guaranteed to make you smile. Capybaras also get along famously with other species, happily nuzzling cats, birds, and humans. With their zen-like charm and affectionate nature, capybaras bring cuteness to giant proportions.