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Elephant vs Gorilla Who Would Win in a Fight?

Elephant vs gorilla.

Have you ever wondered who would win a fight between an elephant and a gorilla? It’s a match-up that seems almost too epic to imagine! Elephants are the world’s largest land animal, while gorillas are incredibly strong primates. If these two powerhouse animals were to go head to head, it would surely be an intense battle! Keep reading as we break down their size, speed, attack abilities, and more to determine which animal would reign supreme in a fight.

Elephant vs Gorilla: Size

When looking at elephants and gorillas, it’s clear there is a massive difference in their size.

An adult male elephant can stand over 10 feet tall and weigh 5,000-11,000 lbs! That’s about the size of a truck. Their enormous size gives elephants a huge advantage in a fight.

Meanwhile, an adult male gorilla averages 5-6 feet tall when standing upright and weighs between 300-500 lbs. Gorillas are impressively strong animals, but an elephant totally dwarfs them in size.

Just the fact that an elephant outweighs a gorilla by over ten times gives it a massive edge in battle. The elephant’s sheer mass and height would make it incredibly difficult for the gorilla to take down.

Elephant vs Gorilla: Speed And Agility

Despite their huge size, elephants are surprisingly quick and agile creatures. They can charge at speeds over 25 mph.

Gorillas, on the other hand, max out at about 15-20 mph while running on all fours. Their bulky body and shorter legs make them slower than elephants.

In terms of agility, elephants are quite nimble for their enormous size. They can turn quickly and pivot their massive bodies with ease.

Gorillas have strong arms they use for climbing and swinging, but overall, they lack the agility and quickness of an elephant. Their movements are more lumbering and less graceful.

The elephant’s superior speed and agility give it an advantage in evading the gorilla and landing powerful attacks during a fight. The gorilla would struggle to catch or outmanoeuvre an elephant charging at full speed.

Elephant vs Gorilla: Attack Power

Now, let’s look at the types of attacks each animal is equipped with and their potential striking power. 

Elephants have several assets they can use to inflict major damage:

  • Tusks – An elephant’s giant tusks can reach 10 feet long and weigh over 100 lbs. Getting gored by these heavy, spear-like tusks could be a devastating and potentially lethal blow. 
  • Trunk – Elephants can use their powerful, versatile trunks to slap, punch and whip a gorilla. Being slammed by a trunk would pack a serious punch.
  • Feet – Elephants can trample a gorilla using their massive feet and incredible strength, easily crushing bones.

Gorillas also have some major assets when it comes to weaponry and attack options:

  • Hands & Arms – A gorilla’s long arms and strong hands allow it to grapple and pummel opponents with fists and elbows. Their strikes carry a lot of weight behind them. 
  • Teeth – A gorilla’s jaw strength and big teeth could cause deep puncture wounds and major lacerations if they bite into an elephant’s flesh. 
  • Improvised Weapons – Gorillas sometimes use sticks, branches or even fists full of dirt when fighting. This could blind or distract an elephant momentarily.

While the gorilla has some dangerous close-quarters combat abilities, the elephant’s attacks, like piercing tusks and crushing tramples, seem more lethal overall. The elephant likely packs more power behind its strikes as well.

Elephant vs Gorilla: Defence

In a battle between giants, defences also become incredibly important. An elephant’s thick skin gives it a strong advantage in this category.

An elephant’s skin can be 1-2 inches thick in places, protecting it from attacks. Their tough hide helps shield them from bites, scratches and blunt force trauma. Tusks block and deflect strikes as well.

Gorillas do have brawny muscles under their fur, but their skin is nowhere near as thick and impenetrable as an elephant’s armour-like exterior. The gorilla is more vulnerable to the elephant’s tusks and powerful trunk delivering blows to the body.

The elephant’s enormous size, thick skin, tusks and muscular frame make it much better equipped to take hits and defend itself. The gorilla doesn’t have the natural protections that elephants rely on.

Elephant vs Gorilla Who Would Win in a Fight?

While a gorilla is a mighty primate with brute strength, an elephant outweighs it considerably and has way more natural advantages.

The elephant’s sheer mass, thick skin, multiple attack weapons like tusks and trunk, and greater speed allow it to dominate and inflict major damage during a battle.

The gorilla puts up a good fight using its powerful arms, jaws and cunning intelligence – but an elephant is just too much animal for a gorilla to overcome realistically.

In an elephant vs gorilla matchup, the elephant is the clear winner. Its huge size and arsenal of natural weapons make the elephant impossible for a gorilla to defeat head to head. The gorilla is outweighed and outmatched.