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5 Evil Animals: The Dark Side of the Animal Kingdom

Have you ever looked at your cute, fuzzy pet and wondered if there was a hidden dark side? Well, you wouldn’t be the only one. Many seemingly innocent animals have a surprising capacity for violence, destruction, and cruelty. In the animal kingdom, it’s survival of the fittest, and some species will go to shocking lengths to come out on top.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the sinister side of five animals you thought you knew: hippos, dolphins, locusts, ducks, and, yes, even humans. Read on if you dare!

Hippos – Deceptively Dangerous Giants

Evil animals hippos.

You’ve probably seen hippos at the zoo, basking in the sun and floating sleepily in ponds. They seem like gentle giants. But don’t let that fool you – hippos have a dark side.

Hippos are one of the most aggressive animals on Earth. They have extremely sharp teeth that can grow over a foot long and incredibly powerful jaws that can snap a crocodile in half. Hippos routinely attack humans who get too close to their territory, sometimes tipping over boats and chomping people in half.

But hippos don’t just kill in self-defence. They also murder each other. Male hippos regularly fight to the death over females and territory. The fiercest bulls control the best stretches of river and are willing to kill to keep it that way.

So next time you see a hippo yawning, don’t be deceived. Those jaws contain some of the deadliest teeth in the kingdom.

Dolphins – Not as Friendly as They Seem

Evil animals dolphins.

Dolphins have an image problem. For decades we’ve portrayed them as cute, playful ocean buddies who like to play with humans. But in reality, dolphins have a sinister side and are not as friendly as they seem.

In the wild, dolphins routinely kill other marine mammals, like baby porpoises, for no apparent reason. They batter the helpless calves to death using their bottlenose, sometimes tossing the carcass around like a toy after it’s dead.

Dolphins also frequently kill each other. Male bottlenose dolphins form gangs that patrol the ocean, kidnapping and murdering lone females. Dolphin sex is often coerced and involves several males chasing down a single female and forcibly mating with her.

Captive dolphins are no angels, either. At marine parks like SeaWorld, dominant females bite and rake subordinates with their teeth. Male dolphins also regularly try to coerce human swimmers into sexual contact.

So next time you see a cute dolphin sculpture or cartoon, remember – these marine mammals have a much darker side.

Locusts – Tiny Terrorists of the Insect World

Evil animals locusts.

If you picture a friendly grasshopper when you think of locusts, think again. Locusts have a sinister alter ego – one that causes mind-boggling destruction.

Locusts are grasshoppers that morph into a more sinister form when crowded together in large numbers. Their brains shrink, their bodies turn black, and they start swarming in massive clouds that block out the sun.

A single swarm can contain millions of locusts, and they leave absolute devastation in their wake. A locust horde can eat over 200 million pounds of plants per day – destroying entire crops and triggering widespread famine. Major locust plagues may occur every decade or so and are seriously apocalyptic.

So while a single locust may seem harmless, their swarming phase reveals their dark side. When they group in the millions, locusts become tiny terrorists, wreaking havoc across entire regions.

Ducks – Scary Sex Maniacs of the Bird World

Evil animals ducks.

Ducks seem harmless enough, paddling around ponds and quacking cutely. But behind that cuddly exterior lurks a demonic sex drive. Duck sex is less like a Disney fairytale and more like a twisted scene from a horror movie.

For starters, nearly all duck sex involves coercion. Female ducks evolved corkscrew vaginas to try and block unwanted advances, while males grew needle-thin penises to bypass them. But most duck sex is still forced. Male ducks regularly trap females and gang up on them in groups of up to a dozen.

Even freakier male ducks sometimes rape and kill other male ducks. Same-sex necrophilia is shockingly common, with groups of males regularly attacking lone males and violating their corpses. Ducks frequently force themselves on injured females who can’t escape, sometimes dragging them underwater to drown.

Ducklings aren’t safe, either. Mother ducks often accept advances from eager new mates, only to lead the unsuspecting males right to their ducklings. In a disturbing display of maternal evil, the mother then watches as the male ducklings are raped or killed by the interloper.

So next time you stroll by a peaceful pond full of ducks, remember – you’re looking at tiny feathery MeToo monsters riddled with violent sexual depravities. The ducks you thought you knew are gone.

Humans – The Most Sinister of Them All?

Evil animals humans.

Humans often think of themselves as the most civilized and advanced species. But are we really? No animal holds a candle to humankind when it comes to evil behaviour.

Unlike hungry predators, human evil often serves no natural purpose. The sins of war, genocide, torture, and terrorism produce no food for our families. We destroy and torment each other out of malice, prejudice, greed, and blind hatred motives that far surpass any animal aggression.

We are also masters of mass destruction, wielding nuclear and chemical weapons capable of annihilating cities in minutes. No hippo, locust, or dolphin is a threat on that scale.

Humans have a capacity for calculated, orchestrated, and pre-meditated evil on an almost unimaginable level. Our unique combination of higher intellect and our penchant for violence makes us the most sinister animal of all.

So next time you look at a hippo, dolphin, or locust, remember – the most dangerous creature is still yourself and the rest of humankind.

Our superior brains empower us to dream up evils animals could never conceive of. And that is the scariest trait of all.