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Gorilla vs Cheetah Who Would Win in a Fight?

Gorilla vs cheetah.

Have you ever wondered who would win in a fight between a gorilla and a cheetah? These two powerful animals are different in size, speed, and abilities. Let’s break it down and see who has the advantage in a hypothetical battle between these two beasts!

Gorilla vs Cheetah: Size

When it comes to size, the gorilla has a clear advantage. An adult male gorilla typically weighs between 300 – 500 pounds and stands at around 5 – 6 feet tall when upright. Their huge size and muscular build make them a formidable opponent.

In contrast, cheetahs are much smaller. They usually weigh between 80 to 140 pounds. An adult cheetah stands around 2 to 3 feet tall at the shoulder. So the gorilla outweighs the cheetah by quite a bit!

The gorilla’s massive size and strength mean it can easily overpower a cheetah in close combat. The cheetah’s smaller stature makes it vulnerable to grappling and being crushed by the gorilla. So, the point goes to the gorilla for sheer bulk and power!

Gorilla vs Cheetah: Speed and Agility

However, the cheetah has a massive advantage when it comes to speed. Cheetahs are the fastest land animals in the world. They can reach incredible speeds of 60-70 mph in very short bursts. Their streamlined build, powerful hind legs, and flexible spine allow them to sprint quickly to catch prey.

Gorillas, on the other hand, are not built for speed at all. They have a stout, heavy build. Gorillas can charge and knock things over, but their top speed is only 25 mph. They can only maintain high speeds for a short time.

So, in a race, the cheetah could easily outrun a gorilla. The cheetah’s agility and manoeuvrability also give it an edge in dodging the gorilla’s attacks. The gorilla’s bulky build makes it less agile in comparison. Point for team cheetah for speed and agility!

Gorilla vs Cheetah: Attack Power

Gorillas have incredible attack power with their huge arms and giant canine teeth. An adult gorilla is over four times stronger than the average human. They can lift objects over 1,800 pounds with their massive strength!

A gorilla can deliver a punch with a force exceeding 1,300 psi – enough to shatter bones. Their jaws can generate a bite force of over 1,300 psi – capable of crunching through thick vegetation like bamboo stalks.

Cheetahs have sharp claws and teeth for grabbing prey. But their bite force is much weaker compared to a gorilla’s. The cheetah’s claws and teeth are more suited to slicing vulnerable areas versus delivering blunt force trauma.

In a direct clash, a gorilla can easily overpower a cheetah with its enormous strength and crushing bite force. The cheetah’s attacks can’t match an enraged gorilla’s brute power. Clear advantage goes to the ape for attack power.

Gorilla vs Cheetah: Defence

On defence, a gorilla’s tough hide, thick bones, and sheer size give it an advantage in its ability to withstand damage. Their musculature and skeleton structure allow them to take blows that would cripple smaller animals.

Cheetahs have flexible, muscular bodies but lack the sheer bulk and thick bones of a gorilla. Their lightweight build is more suited for speed versus taking hits. They have loose skin that can tear easily. Their smaller size makes them vulnerable to the crushing power of a gorilla strike.

While cheetahs have speed on their side to dodge attacks, if a gorilla lands just one hit squarely, it could injure or incapacitate a cheetah. The gorilla’s defences give it the edge here.

Gorilla vs Cheetah Who Would Win in a Fight?

While the cheetah has speed and agility on its side, the gorilla’s huge size, strength and power give it the overall edge.

In a direct one-on-one fight, the gorilla can tank hits from a cheetah, eventually overpowering it with a brutal strike. The cheetah’s best bet is to use hit-and-run tactics, but one misstep could allow the gorilla to get hold of it. And if that happens, the cheetah’s slender build makes it vulnerable to being grappled and crushed.

The cheetah’s lightweight claws and teeth would struggle to penetrate the gorilla’s thick hide, bones, and muscles. Meanwhile, the gorilla can quickly cripple the cheetah with its bone-cracking strikes.