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How Strong Are Spiders And Their Webs?

how strong are spiders and their webs

One of the most common phobias worldwide is the fear of spiders. They come in all sizes and live in various structures that can only be described as one of nature’s best examples of architecture. These incredible arachnids have some pretty cool characteristics, but just how strong is a spider, and how strong are their webs?

What is the proportional strength of a spider?

how strong are spiders and their webs

Many scientists are still debating over the proportional strength of spiders. It is a complicated figure to calculate even with many years of research and multiple studies conducted due to the different species of a spider being utterly different from each other.

Some spiders have many small bodies or shorter legs, whereas other species of spider have much longer legs or bigger bodies and are a completely different shape from some other spider species. These variations are what make a spider’s proportional strength so difficult to calculate.

However, it is believed that an average spider can lift between two and two hundred times its body weight which is extremely impressive for such a small creature. Even more impressive is that this figure is pretty typical for insects!

How much can a spider lift?

how strong are spiders and their webs
Jumping Spider

It is estimated that the average spider can lift between two and two hundred times its own body weight. Some species of spider have had more studies conducted on their strength, so the figures suggested for their species are a little more accurate. For example, a jumping spider could lift one hundred and seventy times its own body weight, which is pretty impressive for such a tiny creature!

What is the strongest spider?

how strong are spiders and their webs
Davefoc, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Californian trap-door spider or Bothriocyrtum Californicum, which can build incredible underground living areas with a unique trap door to prevent predators from entering. They can keep their trap door shut with force thirty-eight times stronger than themselves!

How strong are spider webs?

how strong are spiders and their webs

One of the most phenomenal abilities of spiders is how they build their homes. The intricate design of a spider’s web is impressive and beautiful while practical, as this is how most species of spiders do most of their hunting.

One of the most amazing things about spider webs is their strength. Proportionally, a spider’s web is about five times stronger than steel! That makes spider webs one of the most robust materials found in nature!

What is the strongest spider web?

how strong are spiders and their webs

The strongest spider web discovered so far is that of Darwin’s bark spider. These spiders are found in Madagascar and are known for weaving some of the largest webs of all spiders. The web of Darwin’s bark spider has a tensile strength of up to 520 MJ/m3.

Meaning the web of Darwin’s bark spider is twice as tough as any silk discovered previously that has been created by a spider. These webs have been proven to be ten times stronger than kevlar!

how strong are spiders and their webs

Are spiders stronger than ants?

Most species of spider can be considered stronger than ants because they have the ability to lift heavier objects. This is because spiders are usually quite a bit larger than ants and are, therefore, stronger.

However, proportionally ants are a lot stronger than the average spider. It is said that a spider can lift up to two hundred times its body weight which is already pretty strong, but an ant can lift up to five thousand times its body weight which is unbelievable!

Ants regularly carry things to their nest, which are much larger and heavier than themselves. This means that although most spiders would beat an ant in a fight, proportionally, an ant is much stronger than a spider!

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