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Polar Bear vs Gorilla Who Would Win in a Fight?

Polar bear vs gorilla who would win in a fight?

Have you ever wondered who would win a fight between a polar bear and a gorilla? These two massive beasts are some of the most powerful animals on Earth, but which one would ultimately come out on top?

In this post, we’ll break down their size, speed, attack power, defence abilities and more to determine who would emerge victorious if these Titans ever came to blows. Let’s get ready to rumble!

Polar Bear vs Gorilla: Size

When it comes to size, the polar bear has a clear advantage. Polar bears are the largest land carnivores on Earth. An adult male can weigh over 1,500 pounds and stand over 10 feet tall when on its hind legs. They have huge forelimbs and massive claws perfect for swatting down prey.

Gorillas are intimidating in their own right, but polar bears are just way bigger. An adult male gorilla typically weighs 300-500 pounds and stands about 6 feet tall when upright. So, polar bears can outweigh a gorilla by 1,000 pounds or more! They are also taller when standing on their back legs. The size difference here is just enormous.

So, round one goes to the polar bear for being much larger than a gorilla.

Polar Bear vs Gorilla: Speed and Agility

Despite its tremendous size, the polar bear is surprisingly quick and agile. When charging, they can reach speeds up to 25 mph on land. This is faster than most people can run! They are also great swimmers, using their large front paws to propel themselves gracefully through the water at speeds over 6 mph.

Gorillas are quite agile as well, especially considering their bulky frame. They are very nimble climbers and can quickly scale trees and cliffs. On the ground, they can gallop on all fours or jog on two legs at 15-20 mph speeds.

So, while the polar bear has a slight advantage in top speed, a gorilla is more agile overall with its superior climbing skills. This round is close, but the edge still goes to the polar bear due to its rapid charge.

Polar Bear vs Gorilla: Attack Power

Polar bears have several deadly natural weapons they can bring to bear (pun intended!) in a fight. Their main assets are their huge paws armed with long, sharp claws and powerful jaws full of long canine teeth.

They can strike with enough force to decapitate a man with one paw swipe. A polar bear’s bite can generate over 1,200 psi, enough to crush a bowling ball. They typically aim for the head and neck when attacking. If they get their jaws around a vital area, it’s over.

Gorillas also have fierce strength in their jaws and upper body. But their fangs and claws aren’t as long or sharp as a bear’s. However, an adult male gorilla is strong enough to lift up to 1,800 pounds! So a gorilla could pick up a polar bear cub and hurl it a great distance.

The polar bear has superior natural weapons and a more lethal bite.

Polar Bear vs Gorilla: Defence

A polar bear’s thick layer of blubber and dense fur provide excellent defence against attacks. Their skin can be up to 4 inches thick in places. The fur and fat combine to create a thick protective barrier that is difficult to penetrate. Polar bears regularly fight with other bears and resist attacks from natural predators like wolves and walruses.

Gorillas also have tough skin and thick bones to protect vital areas like the skull and ribcage. But they don’t have the layer of insulation that polar bears rely on. However, gorillas do have an advantage in mobility thanks to their agility. They can swiftly dodge attacks by rolling or suddenly changing direction.

The polar bear’s sheer bulk and thick skin give it a defensive edge. Gorillas are just not as sturdy and impervious to damage. The bear’s advantages in size, strength and protective layers make it more likely to withstand any crushing blows dished out by the gorilla.

Polar Bear vs Gorilla Who Would Win in a Fight?

So when we tally up all the categories, the polar bear comes out on top in the major areas. The massive size advantage, lethality of its natural weapons, speed when charging and tremendously thick skin would make the polar bear very difficult for a gorilla to defeat. The gorilla doesn’t have the size or natural weapons to take down the giant bear.

However, the gorilla does have the advantage in agility, mobility and manoeuvrability. It could use its superior climbing ability to get on the bear’s back and attack from there. But the thick fur and hide of the polar bear make that a challenge. Ultimately, the huge teeth and claws of the bear, combined with its enormous strength and durability, give it the edge.

All it would take is one well-placed swipe of its giant paw for the bear to wound or kill the gorilla grievously. If it gets its jaws on the gorilla’s vulnerable head or neck area, it’s curtains. The polar bear’s thick coat also protects it from the gorilla’s counterattacks, blunting their impact.