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Rhino vs Gorilla Who Would Win in a Fight?

Rhino vs gorilla.
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Rhinos and gorillas are mighty animals known for their brute strength. Unsurprisingly, people might wonder what would happen if the two were to face off in a fight.

While it’s unlikely that these two animals would ever come into contact with each other in the wild, it’s still an intriguing scenario to consider. Both animals are known for their defensive nature and lack of aggression towards other animals.

In this article, we will explore the strengths and weaknesses of both rhinos and gorillas to determine who would be the victor in a rhino vs gorilla fight.

Rhino vs Gorilla: Size

Rhino vs gorilla.

Gorillas are large primates weighing up to 400 pounds and standing up to 6 feet tall. On the other hand, rhinos are massive mammals that can weigh up to 4,000 pounds and stand up to 6 feet tall at the shoulder.

Rhino vs Gorilla: Speed And Agility

Gorilla vs rhino.

Gorillas are known for their incredible strength but are not particularly fast or agile. Rhinos, on the other hand, are surprisingly agile for their size.

A gorilla can run at a top speed of around 25 miles per hour, but it can only maintain this speed for short distances. A rhino can run up to 40 miles per hour, making it much faster than a gorilla.

However, speed is not everything in a fight. Gorillas are known for their quick reflexes and agility, which can help them dodge attacks from a slower opponent.

Rhino vs Gorilla: Attack Power

Rhino vs gorilla.

Rhinos are known for their powerful and deadly attacks. They have a prominent horn on their nose that can be used to impale their enemies. Rhinos can also use their massive size and weight to their advantage by charging their opponents with incredible force and knocking them over.

Gorillas are also mighty and can deliver powerful attacks. They have sharp teeth and strong jaws that can be used to bite their opponents. Gorillas can also use their powerful arms and legs to deliver crushing blows to their enemies.

Rhino vs Gorilla: Defence

Gorilla vs rhino.

Rhinos have thick, tough skin 2 in thick that acts as a natural armour against predators. Their skin is so thick that it can withstand bites and scratches from lions.

In addition to their skin, rhinos also have a large horn on their nose that they can use to defend themselves. When threatened, rhinos often charge at their attacker with their horns lowered, ready to strike.

When threatened, gorillas often beat their chest and make loud, intimidating noises to scare off their attacker. They may also charge at their attacker and use their strength to overpower them.

Rhino vs Gorilla Who Would Win in a Fight?

Rhino vs gorilla.

Both rhinos and gorillas have impressive attack power, but they win the fight as they have the upper hand due to their size, speed and thick skin.

If a rhino were to impale and throw a gorilla with its horn or slash with its lower teeth, it would win the fight.

A gorilla would have to hit a rhino in the eyes to do any severe damage. Gorillas also have less endurance than rhinos and may tire out more quickly during a fight.

In a fight between a rhino and a gorilla, its agility could give it an advantage, allowing it to dodge the rhino’s attacks and strike back with its powerful arms. However, the fight could be over quickly if the rhino lands a hit with its horn.