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Tasmanian Devil vs Honey Badger Who Would Win in a Fight?

Tasmanian devil vs honey badger who would win in a fight?
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Have you ever wondered who would win a fight between a Tasmanian devil and a honey badger? Both are fierce, feisty creatures with a reputation for aggression and not backing down. They are pound-for-pound two of the toughest animals on Earth.

Tasmanian devil vs honey badger, let’s see which fierce fighter would win in a clash.

Tasmanian Devil vs Honey Badger: Size

An adult Tasmanian devil typically grows up to 80-100 cm long (about the size of a small-to-medium-sized dog) and weighs around 8 – 14 kg. That makes them much larger than honey badgers, which reach only 55–77 cm lengths and weigh 7–16 kg.

The Tasmanian devil is stockier, more muscular and almost double the weight of an average honey badger. The extra bulk of the Tasmanian devil gives it the power and strength advantage in a hypothetical fight. A thick neck and shoulders allow it to deliver powerful biting attacks. Size and strength advantage goes to the Tasmanian devil.

Tasmanian Devil vs Honey Badger: Speed and Agility

However, what the honey badger lacks in size, it makes up for in speed and agility. Pound-for-pound, the honey badger is one of the most aggressive and fearless animals in the animal kingdom. Despite their small size, they have incredible endurance and stubborn determination.

The honey badger is exceptionally agile and flexible, able to twist and turn quickly to avoid attacks. Its loose skin helps it wriggle free from the jaws of much larger predators. The honey badger can even climb trees and run backwards!

The Tasmanian devil is quite clumsy and can’t turn as fast. The honey badger has superior agility and speed over rough terrain compared to the stockier Tasmanian devil. When it comes to speed and agility, the honey badger has the edge.

Tasmanian Devil vs Honey Badger: Attack Power

Don’t let the size difference fool you – the honey badger can more than hold its own regarding offensive attacks. What the honey badger lacks in size, it makes up for with incredibly thick skin, relentless stamina and a nasty, infectious bite.

The Tasmanian devil does have a powerful bite force and sharp teeth capable of crunching bones. But the honey badger’s skin is exceptionally loose and thick, making it difficult for predators to land a damaging bite.

And ounce-for-ounce, the honey badger’s bite is more powerful than the Tasmanian devil. Their jaws can produce enough force to crack a turtle’s shell or pierce a python’s skin. Honey badgers also have more stamina in a lengthy battle of attrition.

For pure relentlessness, the honey badger’s non-stop attacking style likely gives it a small edge in attack power over the Tasmanian devil.

Tasmanian Devil vs Honey Badger: Defence

When it comes to defensive abilities, both creatures have remarkable defences to protect themselves from damage.

As mentioned earlier, the honey badger has extremely thick, loose skin, making it difficult for predators to land a meaningful bite. The Tasmanian devil also has very thick skin with a coat of coarse fur that serves as armour.

Both animals are renowned for their stubborn refusal to back down from a fight, even against much larger predators. When attacked, they become more aggressive rather than fleeing. In a direct matchup, the Tasmanian devil and honey badger are equally matched in defensive abilities.

Tasmanian Devil vs Honey Badger Who Would Win in a Fight?

It would be a long, vicious fight, with both showing incredible stamina and refusal to retreat. The Tasmanian devil has the advantages in sheer size and strength, which would eventually overpower the smaller honey badger.

However, the honey badger’s superior agility, biting force and stamina could allow it to wear down the Tasmanian devil over time. The honey badger’s endurance and relentless attacking style may be enough to overcome the Tasmanian devil’s size advantage if the fight goes on long enough.

In most situations, the Tasmanian devil’s larger size and powerful bite should eventually overpower the honey badger. But the honey badger’s speed, agility and endurance could score some significant blows in a drawn-out battle.

While it would likely be close, the Tasmanian devil’s superior size and strength earn it a slight edge in a one-on-one matchup. But the honey badger’s bad attitude and intense aggression means it should never be underestimated in a fight.

This fierce face-off between two of Earth’s toughest pound-for-pound predators would be an epic battle between two powerful forces of nature. In the end, the Tasmanian devil is the probable winner due to its larger size and muscle, but the relentless honey badger would certainly put up a vicious fight. Don’t mess with either of these ferocious brawlers!

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